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Elizabeth Halliday

Hypnotherapy & Depth Hypnosis

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DHP May2018If you are seeking well-grounded support and guidance in creating more joy in your life, my Depth Hypnosis practice offers a rapid, catalytic pathway of personal transformation. I am pleased to work with you to explore and befriend all of the aspects of yourself - creating an opportunity for profound and long-lasting change and healing on a spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical level.

* Should you prefer to listen to a few minutes of me speaking about this dynamic approach to decreasing your daily suffering and bringing more happiness into your life -  click here to listen.  This audio file doesn't contain quite as much detail as the paragraphs below, but it will let you rest your eyes for a few minutes! *

Depth Hypnosis is a collaborative, therapeutic process developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. more than 25 years ago. If you have reached a point in traditional talk therapy where you feel stuck, or perhaps have never found a comfortable relationship with a counselor or therapist - this dynamic approach may provide the fit you are seeking. My practice provides you with the benefit of more than three decades of expanding awareness and experience in holistic health care, allowing us to work together to guide and support you in moving into a more confident, secure, and joyful relationship with yourself, your life, and those around you.

Trained and Certified as a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor, my education in Hypnotherapy, Buddhist psychology, Energy Medicine, Transpersonal psychology, and Shamanism has come through studies with Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley California. I also hold a Certificate in Sound, Healing, and Consciousness and continue to study the intersection of therapeutic sound, sacred sound, and consciousness with Zacciah Blackburn Ph.D., founder of the Center of Light in Chester, Vermont. And I am currently in the final year of completing a Masters of Science (MSc) in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology with the Alef Trust.

If you are interested in exploring this work to support you in addressing personal challenges and growth, working through relationship issues or striving for conflict resolution - please contact me to set up a complimentary fifteen-minute phone call to discuss whether this approach may be helpful for you.

Why Depth Hypnosis?

This psycho-therapeutic approach is designed to empower the client and has proven effective in helping thousands of people suffering with symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease such as depression, anxiety, autoimmune issues, addiction, PTSD, interpersonal relationship issues, and family or group conflicts. A recent Pilot Study to investigate the efficacy of Depth Hypnosis for symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD indicated a significant decrease in symptoms and an increase in overall well-being over the course of only eight (8) treatment sessions.

The structure of Depth Hypnosis places the client firmly in control and requires the practitioner to guide and support the client in accessing the insight and solutions which lie within their own consciousness. The synergistic combination of key principles of Transpersonal psychology, Buddhism, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, and the earth-based wisdom of Shamanism, provides a single access point to the ancient healing traditions of many world cultures. The Depth Hypnosis model yields a therapeutic approach appropriate for individuals, couples, and families, and one which is also highly effective as an approach to conflict resolution within groups.

The "Depth" portion of the name of this modality arises from the ability to work at a deep personal level in a non-threatening, safe, and empowering manner - it does not refer to the client entering a deep hypnotic trance or being unconscious. The term "Hypnosis" describes periods of time in which the client is guided by the practitioner into a state of alert yet focused relaxation while remaining fully conscious and in control of the process. This lightly altered mental state may be referred to as a trance or hypnotic state, and most closely resembles daydreaming, meditating or that relaxed state of mind between being soundly asleep and fully awake.

About Me:

I began my professional life as a Registered Nurse working in the acute care/hospital setting, with a specialty in surgery and trauma care. My experience providing skillful care and support to both patients and physicians gave me a clear look into our medical system and a deep appreciation for the miracles that modern medicine can perform.

In tandem with this appreciation came the awareness that many of the more mundane and widely experienced human discomforts are not well addressed by our health care system, including musculoskeletal problems, anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches, stress, depression, and many of the side effects of chronic illness. Further studies and a private practice in the Complimentary health care field of Therapeutic Massage and Myofascial Therapy afforded me the opportunity to provide supportive, nurturing care with a more holistic approach while focusing on the varied physical, mental and emotional needs of clients.

The evolution of my holistic practice into the areas of hypnotherapy, consciousness, and spirituality has been influenced by my personal growth and healing; a long process that led me to the study and practice of Depth Hypnosis and traditional Earth-based wisdom. My intention is to support you and provide guidance in navigating the pathway to happiness and well-being. Moving into a more confident, secure, and joyful relationship with ourselves and the world around us is a journey well worth taking.

To learn more about putting this innovative and progressive approach to work for yourself, please contact me.


Initial Complimentary Telephone Consultation: Fifteen to twenty minutes, No Charge

Initial Session: $180.00 - 75 - 90 minutes

Spiritual Counseling: $125.00/session - Individual Session for established clients - 50 minutes


Therapeutic Sound: $125.00/session - Indivual Session for established clients - 50 minutes

Sound Shaman:
(Spiritual Counseling/Therapeutic Sound hybrid) $125.00 session for established clients - 50 minutes

Depth Hypnosis Sessions:

          New Client Special:   $450.00 - Initial Three (3) Weekly Sessions - Save $90.00

          Ongoing Client Packages:

                  - $150.00/session - Individual Session for established Depth Hypnosis clients - 60 minutes

                  - $180.00/session - Individual Session for established Depth Hypnosis clients - 75 minutes

                  - $475.00 - Three (3) 75" Sessions, Hypnotherapy/Depth Hypnosis Counseling - Save $65.00

                  - $775.00 - Five (5) 75" Sessions, Hypnotherapy/Depth Hypnosis Counseling - Save $125.00

Past Life Regression Therapy:

         Therapeutic PLR Package - $325.00 - includes Past Life Regression session and one (1) follow-up Integration session

         Individual PLR Session (established clients only) - $225.00 - 90 - 120 minutes - PLR session with recording

Behavior Modification Packages:

         Fears & Phobias, Anxiety - $325.00 - Includes initial 75 - 90 minute Suggestion Hypnosis session, individualized audio support, and one (1) follow-up session

Cessation, Weight Management - $495.00
- Includes initial 75 - 90 minute Suggestion Hypnosis session, individualized audio support, and two (2) follow-up sessions

Payment: May be provided via PayPal or E-transfer. Nova Scotia Harmonized Sales Tax & Administrative Fees - as applicable - are additional.

Cancellation Policy:
Should you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please provide at least forty-eight (48) hours notice. Insufficient notice will require payment for the time reserved. Thank you for your understanding.