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Elizabeth Halliday


Beth Photo 2017A self-taught recreational photographer, in 2012 she began to study painting and drawing at the Maine College of Art. The first painting class, appropriately titled "Painting for True Blue Beginners", served to awaken a joy that had last been experienced as a child in kindergarten.

"There are many elements that make up a piece of art, but my love of color - in almost all of its infinite variations - makes painting a lot of fun. The impact that changes in light have on our perception and mood intrigues me, and trying to capture some of that light is an enjoyable challenge." 

Current works include oil and acrylic paintings on paper, canvas and cradled panels, and graphite drawings on paper. Please contact us for additional information about any piece that you might wish to acquire.

Abstract Paintings

While these paintings do not attempt to represent an identifiable subject or object, the colors and shapes may stimulate your imagination and welcome your interpretation
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Representational Paintings
These images involve varying degrees of "artistic license" while portraying real and imagined scenes of interest
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Graphite on Paper Drawings
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