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Elizabeth Halliday

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Hello, and welcome to my Research portal

2023-2024 Research

I am completing a Masters of Science (MSc) program in 'Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology' at the Alef Trust/Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom; this year centers around conducting an independent research project and presenting the findings in a dissertation. 

My university approved research project is looking at the relationship between inner change and outer change. More specifically, I am interested in understanding more about the relationship between spiritually transformative or life-changing experiences, and active engagement with social change and/or efforts toward sustainability. Sustainability - a large concept - is being defined here as a conditions which support the flourishing of all life-forms, including the Earth.

The first phase of this project includes an online survey which gathers information about practices that are helpful in accommodating or integrating a life-changing experience into daily life.

Did you know that at this time there is little scientific research available to mental health professionals about how to support the integration of spiritual emergence and personal transformation?

The results of this survey will serve to validate a collection of practices that professionals have recommended. If you have had a transformative or life-changing experience, I would value your expertise in rating these practices. This survey takes about 25 minutes to complete - which certainly is a contribution of your time - but the potential benefits are significant.

While it may be directly helpful to you to learn what practices others have used, your authentic experience will help to identify to the mental health community the most important practices for integrating profound personal change. Your participation will contribute to appropriate guidance and support for many others in the future.

Review the Call for Participants and fill out the survey here 

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Further questions? Please connect with me here.

Thank you for your interest, consideration, and support!

February, 2024 - I was introduced to Sean Blackwell and his work in the process of my research this year. Sean has been speaking, writing, and working with the intersection of non-ordinary experiences, mental health, and consciousness for more than two decades. Our conversation touches on a wide variety of topics - including my research into inner transformation and outer change, theories of human development, the evolution of consciousness, and more... 

Previous Research

My initial research project focused upon a phenomenological study of interpersonal relationships after a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE). Transformative experiences include many different types of unusual or extraordinary experience (e.g., mystical, psychedelic, paranormal, near-death, psychic, kundalini, awakening, etc.) which have emotional and spiritual significance to the individual, and have resulted in significant changes in beliefs, lifestyle, and/or worldview.

If you have had such an experience, or have a friend or loved one who has, or are simply interested in the concept of transformation and have an interest in learning more about the findings of this research into interpersonal relationships after an STE, please use the link below...

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